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Monday, 11 Nov, 2019
People's Choice Awards 2019: Zendaya to Jennifer Aniston, the who's-who that kept their best foot forward at the star-studded gala

Fashionistas, hold your of the most fashionable galas of the year is back! Yes, it's the People's Choice Awards and we cannot contain our excitement! 

From big wins at the screen to bigger wins at the Read more...

Monday, 11 Nov, 2019
Birthday Special: 9-to-5 attire or a dressy soiree, birthday girl Anne Hathaway's sartorial diaries got you covered!

From stellar performances at the silver screen to dazzling looks at the red carpet, Anne Hathaway has always managed to make us swoon! Ultra-talented and uber-stylish, the diva has always given us much more than Read more...

Sunday, 10 Nov, 2019
Elle Germany issues a public apology for implying 'black models' as a trend and misidentifying their cover star on their recent edition

Elle Germany's recent issue garnered a lot of negative publicity for the publication. With racist comments, insensitive themes and other mistakes leading to a big controversy, the publication issued a public apology for the blunders Read more...

Sunday, 10 Nov, 2019
Birthday Special: Suave Jack Dawson to the wicked Calvin Candie, birthday boy Leonardo Di Caprio's style file is equal parts hot 'n' happening

One of the finest actors in the industry, Leonardo Di Caprio celebrates his 45th birthday. Delivering one blockbuster at a time, this handsome hunk has been a part of some of the most ground-breaking and Read more...

Sunday, 10 Nov, 2019
Malificent or magnificent? Cover star Angelina Jolie steals the limelight with Harper’s Bazaar US’ recent edition

Angeline Jolie is the OG diva and there’s no denying this fact. While many leading ladies manage to make us swoon, nobody comes close to the magic this diva enchants us with.

And this time is

Sunday, 10 Nov, 2019
Lady Gaga unleashes the edginess on the cover of Elle US' recent issue

Lady Gaga is such a diva! With one whacky OOTD at a time, the diva has managed to make us swoon and gape with her unique sense of style. 

This time, stealing the limelight with Elle

Friday, 08 Nov, 2019
Love, Sleep, Repeat Review: Anshuman Malhotra, Priyal Gor and Raima Sen starrer series has a strong message for millennials with a touch of humour

Show: Love, Sleep, Repeat

Director: Abhishek Dogra

Cast: Raima Sen and Anshuman Malhotra, Priyal Gor, Raima Sen, Priya Banerjee, Harshadaa Vijay, Teena Singh, Puneesh Sharma

Moons: