Bigg Boss 13 Day 9 Highlights: Paras Chhabra chooses Dalljiet Kaur as 'Rani No. 1', leaving Shehnaaz Kaur Gill disappointed


The Bigg Boss 13 house, within just nine days, has turned into a heated battleground with equations between the contestants changing every single day or rather with every task. And as the show entered into its ninth day, the drama seems to shoot up in full gear. On Tuesday, the house experienced a happening and eventful day with the ninth episode beginning with Koena Mitra discussing nominations with Dalljiet Kaur, so much so, she even went on to call Asim Riaz 'unfaithful'. Proceeding further, Bigg Boss dropped in a major pleasant and relieving surprise by announcing the flexibility allowed to contestants in relation to choosing their bed partners by themselves. 

As the new day inside the Bigg Boss 13 house began, the inmates woke up to the song Nagada Sang Dhol, which dropped in a major hint at something exciting that was in store for them. Proceeding with the daily chores of the house, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, who had the responsibility of cooking breakfast, expressed her disappointment over other contestants' behaviour towards her as nobody pays heed to her request of having food at the same time. Adding fuel to this, Sidharth Shukla complained regarding the quality of ration and demanded basic meals for all. Further, upon Devoleena argued that she can't be in the kitchen cooking all the time, Shehnaaz got into a verbal spat with her over the size of rotis. Sidharth, on agreeing to the fact that nobody is happy with the rotis, had to face objection from Rashami, who supported the Saath Nibhaana Saathiya actress. Taking the argument further, Sidharth and Rashami, who seemed to grow fond of each other, fought over their overall behaviour inside the house.


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As the day panned ahead, Paras Chhabra expressed his opinion regarding the cleanliness of the bathroom and complained that Asim hasn't been doing his duties properly. A while later, Bigg Boss announced the task of the week titled Rani No. 1. Converting the house into a kingdom, Bigg Boss told that all the female inmates aka 'queens' will be put inside a dungeon near the garden area. Each contestant will have a pot with their names written. The male contestants, on the sound of a drumroll, will have to grab the key hung in the garden area, just to free the 'queen' of their choice. Upon coming out, the 'queen' will get a chance to pick up a pot of her opponent, who she thinks isn't a perfect choice to become the 'queen' and shall have to throw the pot into the pool, citing a valid reason. 

As a part of the task, Sidharth got the first chance to pick the key and he opened the gate for Devoleena. She, in turn, threw Shefali Bagga's pot into the pool, saying she isn't helping anyone inside the house. Next, Paras, leaving Shehnaaz surprised, selected Dalljiet as his 'queen', who upon coming out, threw Shehnaaz's pot, terming her groupism as the reason. An upset Shehnaaz said Paras is playing safely inside the house. With the episode coming to an end, Shehnaaz is heard complaining about Paras' diplomacy.

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