Salman Khan to shoot for ‘Bigg Boss 14’ from his Panvel farmhouse; new rules in place for contestants amid COVID-19 pandemic?


Salman Khan’s controversial reality show Bigg Boss 14 is one of the most anticipated shows on the television and everybody is waiting with bated breath how the serial will unfold this time around with the Coronavirus scare looming large on the horizon. Salman will once again host the show but there are reportedly going to be quite a few changes.

According to media reports, Salman will be shooting with a small team from his Panvel farmhouse and will not be travelling to the set for hosting BB14 like in the good old days. Reportedly, he is not going to enter the Bigg Boss 14 house for Weekend Ka Vaar and will not welcome stars on the grand stage. All his parts from the show will be shot at his farmhouse.  He will not be entering the house to shock, surprise or rebuke the contestants.

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There are going to be a new set of rules in place as well for the contestants. Apparently, the contestants will not be paid remuneration per week. Instead, a pre-decided budget for the show will come into place that will play a role in drawing up a contract between the contestant and the makers. In this scenario, the participants will not be paid for the episodes that have not been shot and if one of them had to vacate the house due to Coronavirus the makers will not incur losses.

Special focus will be maintained on the contestants’ health and hygiene. Regular temperature check and sanitisation will be done to ensure the safety of cast and crew. If a participant falls ill he/she will be out of the game. Also, there will be a mandatory coronavirus test for all the people entering the house. Reportedly, the theme of this year’s Bigg Boss 14 is going to be jungle.

(Source: PinkVilla/News18)

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