Bigg Boss 14 Day 97 Highlights: Rakhi Sawant becomes the captain of the house; Rahul Vaidya's mother says his wedding prep with Disha Parmar has started


The second week of 2021 began on an emotional note as Bigg Boss hosted its family week. Bigg Boss 14 contestants Eijaz Khan, Jasmin Bhasin, Rakhi Sawant, Rubina Dilaik, Abhinav Shukla, Arshi Khan, Rahul Mahajan, Vikas Gupta, Nikki Tamboli, Aly Goni, Rahul Vaidya and Sonali Phogat were all seen breaking down as some contestants met their family members. 

Here are the top 10 highlights from Day 97 of Bigg Boss 14: 

- The first guest of the day was Sonali Phogat's daughter. Sonali got emotional seeing her daughter. Housemates found her daughter very cute and praised her after she left.

- Next, it was Rahul Vaidya's mother who entered the house. He got 11 minutes of talk time. Rahul and his mother had an emotional union. She had a special message from Disha, who praised Rahul's game and is missing him. She also thanked Aly for making her son laugh.

- When Rahul asked about his wedding, she said that they have started preparing for it. Rahul dedicated a special song to his mother. She voted for Sonali for captaincy.


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- Next, Eijaz Khan's brother Imran entered the BB house. Eijaz broke down after seeing his brother. Imran informed him that his father is doing fine. He asked him to relax and be happy and try to enjoy with others. Imran voted for Rakhi before leaving the BB house.

- Next was Jasmin to meet her parents. The Naagin actress broke down as soon as she saw her parents after 3 months. They advised her on her game and asked her to always be strong. 


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- Rakhi, who has previously admitted to having a crush on Abhinav, asked him to tie a saree for her! The result is extremely hilarious! As Abhinav’s wife Rubina looks on, and even offers to help, Rakhi just wants Abhinav to tie her the saree! As a perplexed Eijaz looks on about how Abhinav struggles to tie the saree, Rakhi continues with her antics. She even accuses Abhinav of turning her into a samosa instead of tying a saree while he acts coy.

- But soon Rakhi is taken aback when Bigg Boss connects her with someone special!  Bigg Boss connects Rakhi with her mother via a video call. Rakhi gets extremely emotional as her mother gives her advice on how to conduct herself in the Bigg Boss house. Even the housemates all break into a smile seeing Rakhi’s interaction with her mother.

- Everyone is shocked when Rakhi’s mother tells her that she is in a hospital! Rakhi is inconsolable but she is encouraged by her mother to be strong. For her mother to recover and be healthy, Rakhi promises that she will fast inside the Bigg Boss house. 


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Next, Rubina met her younger sister Naina Dilaik. She got 13 minutes of talk time. Rubina broke down seeing her sister in the BB house.


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- Rakhi Sawant emerged as family's favourite as she emerged as the captain, defeating Sonali Phogat. Majority of family members of the contestants voted for Rakhi and made her the captain for the week. 

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