Bigg Boss OTT 2: 'Baap pe mat ja,' says Avinash Sachdev after Elvish Yadav calls him 'bewakoof ka bachcha'


The air inside the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house is hotter than ever. With the arrival of two wild card participants, the show got spicier and crazier. One of the two contestants is Elvish Yadav, who is a YouTuber. In a couple of days, he created a stir on Bigg Boss OTT 2. Recently, he got into a major fight with Avinash Sachdev.

After winning a task on Thursday, Elvish seemed to be targeting Avinash on purpose. The latter lost his cool and felt the former was after his coffee. Elvish said, "Arey to de deta na bhai. Abey leke chal na apni coffee, room mein jake pi.” Avinash ignored him and walked away. However, when Elvish called him ‘bewakoof ka bachcha’, Avinash came back and said, "Ae baap pe mat ja.”

The YouTuber replied, "Tere ko pata lag gaya bewakoof hi hai wo." Avinash told him, "Kaiko bol raha hai bewakoof ka bachha, maine tujhe kuch kaha?" Elvish replied, “Tu bhi bol le... lakin tu hain. Mein teen baar aur bolunga." He went on to trigger the actor. 

Elvish entered the house with actress and social media influencer Aashika Bhatia. 

(Source: Twitter)

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