Loveratri: Defamation petition filed against Salman’s brother-in-law Aayush Sharma’s film


Salman Khan’s brother-in-law Aayush Sharma’s debut film Loveratri is facing trouble as a petition has been filed by advocate Ajaykumar Waghmare saying that it distorts the Hindu festival of Navratri and projects women in bad light. Waghmare, who moved the Aurangabad bench of the High Court, said that the film which is being released around the auspicious festival of Navratri is sacrilegious in its intention. Apparently, in May this year Alok Kumar, President of VHP had also objected to the name of the film and had asserted in media reports that they won’t be allowing the film to release in Indian theatres.

Waghmare in his petition stated, “The title of the movie has intentionally affected the standing of Hindus and Hinduism adversely whereas the respondents (makers of the film) have used this name only for their pecuniary interest. By its title, the respondents seek to portray Navratri as only a festival full of lewdness and amorousness."

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The petitioner further added, “Navratri is a nine-day long festival celebrated by Hindus across India and these nine days are considered of great religious significance and whatever is being shown in the trailers of the film is nothing but an attempt to defame and malign the reputation and image of Hindu religion and all womanhood.”

Waghmare also emphasized that the word ‘Loveratri’ be dropped from the title of the film and some of the scenes which try to malign and project the pious Hindu festival and all womanhood in a derogatory manner be removed. He also demanded an unconditional apology from the makers of the film to all Hindus and woman.

Besides Aayush, Loveratri also stars Warina Hussain. It is scheduled to release on October 5, this year.

Navratri is a 9-day festival of Hindus which is celebrated throughout the country. It is one of the major festivals of Hinduism and is celebrated with much pomp, reverence and fervor. Devotees fast during the festival and also play dandiya and garba, whereas it is celebrated as Durga Puja in the eastern part of our country. It is dedicated to the Goddess Durga and her manifestations. Women and young girls are worshipped during the festival. Navratri or Durga Puja is celebrated to commemorate the triumph of good over evil.

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