The Padmavat-Padman period puns we are chuckling over…


Twitter is flooded with a flurry of lame jokes about the Padmavat clash with PadMan. And while they are not exactly the wittiest nor the classiest one-liners to be found, they are pretty addictive. So, here goes, a compilation of some of the silly memes and jokes doing the rounds…

User Naomi Datta set the ball rolling pointing out, “If Padmavati does release on the same day as Padman, it will be a first for Hindi films. Two-period films on the same day.”

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Adman Rahul da Cunha suggested, “Rajasthan Govt still doesn't want Padmavat released. Bhansali should change the name t Padman and tell them it's a 'period' drama.”

Amitabh Bachchan jumped into the fray as well, tweeting, “PADMA the operative key word for film release on 26th Jan 2018: PADMAvat & PADMAn…!!”


Enfant terrible Ramgopal Varma quipped, “A true Republic Day is when a period film and a film on periods are releasing on the same day. Jai Ho.” He added, “Padm(a)n(v)at is an inspiring period story about periods.”



User G Ranjith Kumar pointed out, “Irony:

1) #Padmavat & #Padman, both have 'Pad's'.

2) #Padmavat - A period drama; #Padman - A drama on period.

3) #Padmavat & #Padman, both have 'Ma' in their names.

4) #Padmavat & #Padman, both titles r male centric.

5) If both titles are combined, they create '#Padmavan' garden.”


Of course, by the end of it, most users were like, “Just stop with the jokes. Period”!

Ironically, even as the jokes flow, both films are fuelling publicity for each other in the run-up to January 25!

Speaking about PadMan which deals with the topic of menstruation, Akshay Kumar had earlier stated, “If you change nothing, nothing will change. It’s not about being bold, but about breaking taboos that hold us back. I have lived with women all my life, yet I have learnt more about the topic while making this film than ever before. I do not mind who I offend or whose stomach I turn by being bold, this is not the Stone Age; menstruating is natural.”


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