Teachers’ Day: From Parichay to Black, unforgettable films that explored the mentor-student relationship


The transition from childhood to adulthood is such that before you know, you are already running the rat race, surrounded by worldly concerns – in a totally euphoric state, lost in the nostalgia of school and college life. And most importantly, this phase reminds us of not just our old friends but teachers as well.

Friend, philosopher, and guide – teachers imbibe all three roles in one, spectacularly, while Teachers’ Day is celebrated all over the world, and especially in India on September 5 since 1962- the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. A scholar, an admirable teacher, and a politician – Dr Radhakrishnan devoted his life to education all throughout.

In fact, the relationship between a student and teacher is such that several films made in Bollywood also explored this bond as audiences witnessed classics in the form of Do Aankein Barah Haath, Parichay or Black and Taare Zameen Par in the recent past.

In most of the movies made in the Hindi film industry on this subject, teachers weren’t just those present in school but were also represented through various other characters as that of a prison warden or an unemployed youth.  With the help of this list of films, we’ll be able to explain better, thereby honouring an unforgettable relationship established by teachers.

Do Aankein Barah Haath

As early as 1957, V Shantaram’s Do Aankein Barah Haath presented a memorable story of a prison warden, who reforms and rehabilitates six convicted murderers. Although a teacher, per se, wasn’t cast in the film but the warden was characterized as a mentor, who with utmost conviction, transforms the life of criminals.


Gulzar’s 1972 film was inspired by the classic The Sound of Music and cast Jeetendra as an unemployed youth, Ravi. In his journey, Ravi lands up a job of a tutor as he is commissioned with the task of reconstructing the future of an affluent man’s (Rai Saheb) grandchildren. As unruly as they could be, Ravi not only manages to prove himself but also ends up resolving Rai Saheb’s relationship with the children.


Sir cast Pooja Bhatt and Atul Agnihotri but it was primarily Naseeruddin Shah’s film. The senior actor put up a brilliant show as a professor, who not only assisted the actress’ character with her speech impediment but also put his reputation at stake by helping her elope with her boyfriend. Sometimes, teachers are all we need to confide in, isn’t it?

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Aditya Chopra’s 2000 film is a personal favourite. Amitabh Bachchan’s Narayan Shankar played the draconian principal of an all-boys institution while Shah Rukh Khan’s Raj Aryan was cast in a contrasting character of a music teacher. While Narayan Shankar strictly believed in discipline, Raj Aryan’s distinctive ideology of teaching in an affectionate atmosphere was primarily what Mohabbatein focused on.


More is less if Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black is to be discussed. A classic in its own, Black meticulously portrayed the faith of a teacher (Amitabh Bachchan), who supports his visually challenged, deaf and mute student Michelle, played by Rani Mukerji at every step. The film was significant in depicting that a teacher often observes the role of a father-figure in life.

Main Hoon Na

Teacher or should we say, a classic fashion icon? Sushmita Sen, cast as the sultry chemistry professor in Main Hoon Na headlined by Shah Rukh Khan floored audiences as much as the 52-year-old actor. She looked nothing short of glamorous in chiffon sarees but also became a confidante of her students, especially Amrita Rao’s Sanjana, as she helped her to woe her love interest Laxman, played Zayed Khan. Certainly, a chemistry teacher, quite literally and otherwise.

Taare Zameen Par

Aamir Khan as Ram Shankar Nikumbh, effortlessly, pulled off his role as a teacher as he personally undertook the task of educating an eight-year-old child suffering from dyslexia. With his help, Ishaan, played by Darsheel Safary, ultimately established himself as a successful student after being rejected by several teachers for his dismal performance at school.

3 Idiots

An adaptation of author Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone, Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots narrated the tale of three students at an engineering college  - R Madhavan, Sharman Joshi and Aamir Khan played the pivotal roles while Boman Irani was cast as the strict, rather merciless, dean. The film also played an important role in propagating the message of following dreams as Madhavan’s Farhan ended up becoming a wildlife photographer while Rancho, played by Aamir, becomes a scientist, interacting with children at a school in Ladakh.


Rani Mukerji’s comeback film Hichki is a must-watch, especially on Teachers’ Day. So much so, that if you’ve already watched it, do so again because its plot is perfectly in tandem with this subject. Hichki cast the actress as a teacher who deals with Tourette Syndrome. Owing to her disability, Rani’s character not only witnesses reluctance while getting her job but is also ridiculed by her students initially. She, however, manages to overcome obstacles in her journey with determination, focus and a positive spirit.

Apart from sharing memories and messages with your mentors on Teachers’ Day, also celebrate September 5 by binge-watching on films from this list, because if not anything else, taking a trip down the memory lane today is absolutely worth it.

happy teachers' DAY!

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