Nandita Das' father ace painter Jatin Das accused of sexual harassment by Nisha Bora


Ever since Tanushree Dutta has accused Bollywood actor Nana Patekar of sexual harassment the #MeToo movement has spread like wildfire. Many women have come out naming their perpetrators. Alok Nath, Rajat Kapoor, Vikas Bahl, Sajid Khan, Ashish Patil, Subhash Ghai and many more have been named as sexual offenders. Now, new allegations have been levied against famous painter Jatin Das, father of actor, director, and writer Nandita Das.

The accusations have been made by Nisha Bora, who met Das through her family during a dinner event in Delhi. Nisha is the co-founder and business head at ElRhino that makes natural paper through elephant and rhinoceros dung. Nisha took to Twitter to relate her horrifying story. She tells the painter had asked her to assist him to organize his work material and when she met him at his studio he tried to grope her and forcefully kiss her on the lips.

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[caption id="attachment_151108" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Nandita Das and her father Jatin Das[/caption]

In her post, Nisha writes, “I visited Jatin in his studio, which was in Khidki Village. I don’t recall the time of day, but that it was well within daylight hours. He poured himself some whiskey; offered me one too, but I refused. The next thing I knew, he attempted to grab me. I wriggled out of his embrace, flustered. Then he did it again. This time, he managed a clumsy kiss on my lips. I recall the feeling of his beard on my skin. I pushed him away, and moved away from him. At that moment, he said, Come on, it would be nice. Or something like that. What I recall clearly was his disbelief that I was pushing back. "

Nisha says that it took her 14 years to realize that she was not at fault but it was Das. Applauding the women who have come forward and the movement that has given the strength to many women to reveal their ordeals, Nisha says that the trauma and the impact last all life.

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