MeToo: Did Sonu Nigam actually defend Anu Malik? Here’s what he has to say


Sonu Nigam is of the opinion that his comments on MeToo allegations against Anu Malik were misunderstood by Sona Mohapatra and that she should have “seen the video” where he said what he said. In December, Sonu and Sona engaged in a war of words after his statements on accusations against Malik were viewed as comments made in his defence by Sona and a considerable section of social media.

“You know there is a phrase in Hindi, ‘Hath kangan ko aarsi kya, padhe likhe ko farsi kya’. Before saying such filth and using a harsh tone and such negative language against me, she should have seen the video where I have spoken about Anu Malik,” Sonu told a leading daily.

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While addressing a summit last month, Sonu had refused to believe the stories of those who levelled sexual harassment allegations against Malik and said that “concrete proof” must be “provided”. During his interview to the daily, however, Sonu said that he is amused that he was attacked without being understood.

“It just amuses me how people choose the most vicious words to attack someone without even understanding the meaning of what is being said. So, the discussion stems from the video. If you have watched it, please tell me, where have I supported anyone? What I meant to say was that no one has the authority to take away the right of livelihood from anyone. I still stand by that point. I don’t believe in taking away someone’s job. I know what being jobless feels like,” Sonu added.

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After Sonu’s comments in December, Sona expressed severe dissent on Twitter as she said that she felt “let down hearing” Sonu “talk like this & choose the dark side to side up with”.

Anu Malik has been accused of sexual harassment by singer Shweta Pandit and Sona as well, and two other women in the wake of the #MeToo movement in India.

Sonu Nigam is an accomplished singer and is best known for songs such as Deewana Dil (Pardes) and Kal Ho Naa Ho.

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