Anushka Sharma to head to England to support Virat Kohli during World Cup, but there is a twist


Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have managed to earn the tag of the 'millennial couple' rightfully. Recently, we got to know that Anushka will be going to England for the cricket World Cup to cheer for her husband and India.

But wait. There is a twist to the story and her visit. During the visit, Anushka will be paying for all her expenses including the travel to the stadium and not charge anything from the sponsors.

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“Anushka has been the perfect partner supporting her husband at all his key milestones. Virat too has always gone out of his way for his beloved wife. Virat is captaining India for the first time in a 50-over World Cup tournament and Anushka wants to be there to root for him and see him lift the World Cup,” a source said.

“While Anushka will be traveling to England to be a perfect pillar of strength to Virat, she might not be going to the stadium with him. In fact, she wants to go separately to watch the matches and cheer the loudest for Virat. When the wives of the cricketers travel on tours, they usually travel on the same team bus. This time it seems Anushka, on match days, would be hiring her own car and bearing all costs to visit the stadium separately and there’s an extremely heartwarming reason behind this decision. They have discussed the huge media attention that is bound to be there for the World Cup and both want to keep all distractions at bay during the World Cup which Virat definitely wants to try and win for India. Both feel the lesser the distraction on match days, the more the mind will only focus on the match,” the source added.

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This move of Anushka has certainly won our hearts.

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