There's no need to discuss his career right now and put pressure on him: Akshay Kumar on son Aarav’s Bollywood plans


Akshay Kumar is riding high on the success of his last release Kesari. The film has already crossed the Rs 100 crore mark in just a week and has got critical acclaim as well as audience love. Of all the superstars he is the only one who has seen a bevvy of hits since several years. In a recent interview given to a leading daily recently, he was asked about whether his son Aarav Bhatia also harbours any starry dreams like other star kids. Akshay did not shy away from answering the question and in his trademark straightforward style and said that he is in no mood to put pressure on his 16-year-old son who is busy pursuing his studies.

Akshay told the leading daily, “He is just a 16-year-old kid, who is enjoying his life. There's no need to discuss his career right now and put pressure on him. I feel that will happen only if the parents in a way put some kind of burden. I am very clear that whether my kids want to become a painter, doctor or open a restaurant, I am fine." He further added citing example from his own life and said, “My dad never put any pressure on me. He was like, 'if you're interested in sports and karate; and want to be like Bruce Lee, go for it. But become at least half a Bruce Lee.' Aaj wahi cheez kaam aayi na mere."

[caption id="attachment_133282" align="aligncenter" width="590"] Akshay Kumar with his son Aarav Bhatia[/caption]

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Akshay had in fact spoken about Aarav’s career choice previously as well. He had said that Aarav wants to pursue higher studies abroad and is not looking to debut in films any time soon. He had said, “Once he wraps up his studies here in Mumbai, he wants to go to a school in London, which he has already selected. I let my kids be the way they want to be." Isn’t that a great way of parenting?

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