Ranveer Singh reveals his plans of singing for his record label IncInk and that Deepika Padukone only sings for him!


Ranveer Singh launched his own independent music record label today with music evangelist and filmmaker Navzar Eranee called IncInk. The duo is going to promote three fantastic talents like Kaam Bhari, SlowCheeta and Spitfire and are also looking out to discover, nurture and promote new talents. The label’s first song Zeher sung by Kaam Bhari was also released today. However, Ranveer dished out some exciting news to an entertainment portal during the launch.

Ranveer who has sung songs for his last release Gully Boy was asked whether he has plans to turn singer for his own record label too. Ranveer told the portal that he has not planned his single yet but since he has a lot to express he might resort to music to take that route. He said, “Don’t you all get enough of me in films. I have a lot to talk about, a lot I feel and I want to say it, express it. So when I do it, it will be through my music. I will at some point do it.”

[caption id="attachment_237669" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] Ranveer Singh at the IncInk launch[/caption]

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He also revealed that the label does not have any female hip hop artist as of now but they would love to collaborate if they come across an exceptional talent. He told the portal, “We are open to any platform to send out our music. We are even open to different types of songs. Like we are open to underground music too, but hip hop is our flagship. We haven’t set any rules and we are looking to expand.”

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However, when he was asked whether his wife Deepika Padukone sings he had the best answer to offer which made everyone’s day. He said, “Deepika Padukone is a very beautiful singer and she only sings for me.” Now, let’s not get our hopes up but wouldn’t it be great to hear Deepika croon for a film or maybe even for Ranveer’s label.

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