'Papa, Bas!': Alia Bhatt calms down an angry Mahesh Bhatt when questioned about social prejudices against people dealing with mental health at daughter Shaheen Bhatt's book launch event


Today at the launch event of Shaheen Bhatt's first book, I've Never Been (un)Happier, the Bhatt family gathered to talk about her struggle with depression. At the book launch event, Alia Bhatt was seen supporting her lovely sister Shaheen. Pooja Bhatt was also present at the event along with Soni Razdan and Mahesh Bhatt. Alia turned host for the event and asked Shaheen, Pooja and parents Soni and Mahesh several questions. 

At the event, Alia Bhatt was seen calming father Mahesh down when questioned about the social prejudices against people dealing with mental health issues. Alia was seen saying, "Papa, bas" and "Papa is not allowed to talk". Watch the full video here: 

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For the unversed, Shaheen was diagnosed with clinical depression at the age of 18. And, in her book,  I've Never Been (un)Happier, she opens up about her experience of living with the mental disease. The book will take you inside Shaheen's head and what it feels like to be her.

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