Lockdown With Johars 2.0: Karan's daughter Roohi tells him she's tired; son Yash asks his 'dada' not to disturb him


Karan Johar and his kids Yash Johar-Roohi Johar are winning hearts amid the nationwide lockdown, be it them body-shamming their father, planning to wash him or finding Shah Rukh Khan in his closet. Now, Karan has posted another video from their series Lockdown With The Johars, and we must say, the twins are totally in their savage mode and how!

In the video, Karan asks Roohi what is she upto, to which she tells him that 'she is tired'. KJo cannot help but laugh at her wondering what work she has done to make herself feel tired.

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On the other hand, when he shifts to Yash, the young one clearly tells his 'dada' not to disturb him. Karan then hilariously tells him that he is sorry.

Lockdown With The Johars is something that we all fancy, isn't it?


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