Rohit Shetty lifts a car with bare hands, credits ‘desi ghee and ghar ka khana’ for his physical prowess


Rohit Shetty is one of the most badass directors in Bollywood with every film of his boasting of some spectacular stunts. Even as a host of Khatron Ke Khiladi the director ensures he does the stunts himself first before asking the contestants to perform.

Now, a video shared by the filmmaker is going viral for showcasing his strength which is all thanks to desi ghee and ghar ka khana and no protein shakes and no supplements. In the video, Rohit can be seen lifting a vintage car that looks like a Volkswagen Beetle by his bare hands.

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Rohit shared the video on his Instagram and captioned it, “No protein shake, no supplements...Only desi ghee and ghar ka khaana...Waise mere Memers bhai bata rahe the ki tesla aarahi hai.”

Maybe Rohit might be contemplating incorporating this stunt in his forthcoming films, who knows.

(Source: Instagram)

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