Katrina Kaif admits to snooping through her partner’s phone in her ‘less wiser years’, crying in public bathrooms during Diwali parties


Katrina Kaif sat with her girlfriends Mini Mathur and filmmaker Karishma Kohli to play a fun game as part of their Galentine’s Dat 2023 celebrations instead of revealing Valentine’s Day plans. The Instagram page of Katrina’s makeup brand Kay Beauty shared a video of the trio playing the fun game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ and eating a spoonful of a delicious looking cake every time they made a confession. Katrina confessed that she had snooped through her significant other’s phone but it was not husband Vicky Kaushal’s.

Facing the question of whether they have snooped through their significant other’s phone, Katrina confirmed that she has done it and so did Mini. Mini instantly advices Vicky and says, “Vicky change your password.” However, Katrina clarifies and says, “No, I have done it in my less wiser days. Now that I am more wise, I will never, never, ever, ever do it again. Even if someone opens the phone and keeps it beside me, I will not look,” alluding to the fact that she resorted to this before she got married and probably in her previous relationships and younger days.

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Katrina also confesses faking an injury to get out of shooting and revealed it was while she was working on Mini’s husband Kabir Khan’s film New York. She said that she made an excuse of hurting her foot just at the time of filming for her 2009 movie New York. Mini also reveals that she makes such excuses all the time to get excess baggage or to avoid carrying her luggage at airports.

On the other hand, Karishma confessed on forgetting the name of her date and calling them with any other random name while on a date. All three of them confessed about Googling themselves. Mini also revealed that she did slide into someone’s DMs. Katrina grilled her on that because since the Instagram started she has been married, to which Mini reveals that she slide into George Clooney’s DMs, to which Katrina says that in this case it is perfectly understandable and allowed. Katrina also confirms that she has cried in a public bathroom. “A few Diwali parties,” Katrina said in response to a question

(Source: Instagram)

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