Jodhaa Akbar actor Aman Dhaliwal attacked in US gym, tackles attacker bravely despite sustaining severe injuries


Aman Dhaliwal, known for playing the role of Rajkumar Ratan Singh in Jodhaa Akbar, was held hostage and attacked by a man holding a tomahawk. The incident took place at a gym in California on Thursday. In a viral video, the entire attack has been captured.

In the video, the attacker, dressed in a blue hoodie, has clutched the arm of the actor while holding the tomahawk in the same hand. He shouted, "Please, respect us. Give me water. I need water." The actor maintained his cool throughout. After saying, "You want to take advantage of me!" the attacker turned around. Taking advantage of the moment and showing presence of mind, Aman tackled the man to the ground. 

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Aman shared an update on his Facebook page. He wrote, "I am not able to speak much due to doctors advice so excuse me for not attending calls but I ll reply back as soon I feel better … spread love not hate …"

According to reports, the attacker was arrested by the cops. Pictures that went viral showed several injuries on Aman's arms, torso, chest and head.

(Source: Twitter/Facebook)

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