Arbaaz Khan talks about co-parenting son Arhaan with ex-wife Malaika Arora, says 'we have forgotten the past'


Arbaaz Khan recently opened up about his divorce from Malaika Arora. The actor said despite the separation, both of them are aware it is their responsibility to take care of their child. Arbaaz said there is a certain level of maturity that is required in co-parenting and is glad they have achieved that. Arbaaz said when married people separate, they go their different ways due to their personal differences but when they have a child, they will never have any issue with their baby.

He said, “Malaika and I have bypassed all that too. We have forgotten the past and realised that our entire life lies ahead. She has moved on, I have moved on. Where is the animosity or anger or frustration or anything like that? That’s gone. For the sake of your child at least, you can come together and create a scenario that is much needed. He is our child. We brought him into this world. It is our responsibility to take care of him.”

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The actor said even Arhaan has “accepted” that his parents have moved on from each other, so what people gossip about doesn’t affect Arbaaz at all. “People are really naïve if they think that Malaika and I have separated and we will only look out for ourselves. It doesn’t happen like that. If parents who are separated, stop talking to each other it might end up causing trauma to the child, maybe to some extent. Thankfully, our family doesn’t have that fear. Arhaan has accepted that his father has moved on, his mother has moved on. He is doing fine, too.”

(Source: ETimes)

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