PeepingMoon Exclusive: Auditioned and got shortlisted for a big banner film, was replaced by an industry person out of nowhere-Nupur Sanon


Nupur Sanon is currently the talk of the town for Filhaal 2 Mohabbat with Akshay Kumar. Nupur, who started her career as a singer, is aspiring to be an actress and is chasing her dreams with much dedication. Coming from a simple middle-class Punjabi family, Nupur completed her education before coming to Mumbai from Delhi. For the unversed, Kriti Sanon is Nupur's elder sister. Both the sisters are leaving a mark in the industry without any godfather. Talking about the pressures that come with the career and Kriti's advice to her, Nupur, in PeepingMoon's exclusive segment, Let's Talk, said her sister prepared her to be herself on the set. 

"There was a big banner film for which 4 actresses, including me, were shortlisted. I got positive feedback from them and they did like me. However, a fifth person- someone from the industry-got selected for it. That hit me and I was very low at that point. Since then, Kriti has been telling me that you have to be prepared for this," Nupur told.

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She further revealed that her first question to Kriti before Filhall was, "How is Akshay sir?" Recalling Kriti's reaction, Nupur said, "I was nervous when Filhall happened. I didn't know set etiquettes. I was nervous about how I should behave on set considering people would also think of me as Kriti's sister. I asked her, "How is Akshay (Kumar) sir?" She told that he is very warm and I should just be myself. Without Kriti's guidance, I would have been pretentious, perfect and straight-faced. She told me that I should never restrict the natural behaviour that comes to me. Kriti prepared me to be myself."

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