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PeepingMoon Exclusive: Declined shows as they didn't match my ideology, wanted to come back stronger after Naagin 5- Surbhi Chandna on returning to TV with Sherdil Shergill

PeepingMoon Exclusive: Declined shows as they didn't match my ideology, wanted to come back stronger after Naagin 5- Surbhi Chandna on returning to TV with Sherdil Shergill


Just like me, were you also missing the vivacious Surbhi Chandna on the screen? After a gap of almost 1 and a half years, she is back to delight our hearts and entertain us with Sherdil Shergill. Headlining the upcoming show with Dheeraj Dhoopar, Surbhi plays the role of Manmeet Shergil, a headstrong boss woman who aims to conquer the world with her grit, determination and hard work. 

Ahead of Sherdil Shergill's release, PeepingMoon.com got a chance to interview the beautiful actress. Talking to us, Surbhi opened up about remaining absent from the screen for more than a year. She further shared the reason behind signing Sherdil Shergill and working with Dheeraj in a full-fledged show. Surbhi also put it out that she is open to doing web shows and if a good chance comes her way, cinema will certainly be her go-to place.

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Excerpts from the interview: 

You've been choosing dynamic roles. Is it a conscious decision?

It’s always been a conscious decision to do diverse roles not just in terms of look but also the character graph. Everything has to have a stark difference; I cannot do repetitive stuff. My idea is to come back to the screens looking and acting differently. It is a conscious decision to inspire people. I want people to say, "I want to be like her." With Manmeet, she is a self-made fearless woman who doesn't even know the definition of fear. Being a single mother, she went against her family's will and leads her life on her own terms. She's proud of the steps she has taken for her betterment. Manmeet Shergill inspired Surbhi Chandna to play her.     

How similar or different are Surbhi Chandna and Manmeet Shergill from each other? 

I am also self-made like Manmeet but of course, I have not gone against my family. The difference is, that I am someone who seeks validation from others. 

After Naagin 5, you're returning to the television with Sherdil Shergill. Did the quest to do something unique make you take a longer-than-usual break? Though you were active on social media..

It is acting and performing vs social media. You cannot compare both. Social media is just to show yourself to people and assure them that you’re around. That's not acting. 

My problem is if I am not convinced about a character, I will not play it because I cannot respect it and do justice to what's given to me. For me, it is a must for the audience to connect with my character. They should resonate with her journey and progress. After Naagin 5, I wanted to make sure I come back stronger.     

Did you reject shows that didn’t match your ideology?

Yes. I haven’t rejected it but politely declined saying I cannot do justice to it. Even for Naagin 5, I had apprehensions. I wasn’t convinced about a lot of subjects. I have tested for a lot of web shows with the hope that something good works out. Since I'm from the television, some things came, some didn’t materialise and eventually, I ended up getting Sherdil Shergill.    

Did you feel Naagin 5 was pulled off the plug before its potential was explored?

No, I don’t think so. The show and my pairing with Sharad Malhotra were loved by all. It is the format of the show and it had to end after a point. It was the right decision. I had a great time working on Naagin 5. It was challenging, I was shaken up and got a chance to work with Balaji Telefilms and Colors. 

Is Sherdil Shergill a finite show?

Yes, we are aiming to make it a finite show and come up with multiple seasons, just like how web shows do. But, you can never say anything. 

You're reuniting with Dheeraj Dhoopar after Naagin 5..

Dheeraj was in Naagin 5 with me just for a cameo. We got along well and I have been a part of some of the biggest events of his life. It is wrong to compare a cameo with a full-fledged show. 

Are you in favour of finite or infinite shows? 

I am of the opinion that TV shows should be finite. After telling a story, an actor should take a break and think about their next project. I'm selfish as an actor and want to do varied roles. If I drag a character for years together, I will not enjoy my craft. After a point, I’ll not have anything new to show. 

What’s more important- Relevance or TRP?

The producer of Sherdil Shergill said this one thing that stayed back with me. I asked him, "The show is fresh, and caters to the youth. Would you also succumb to the TRP pressure?" He said, “Surbhi, let’s do a show for ourselves.” That stayed with me and I chose to enjoy working on the show, performing for the cameras and decided to not take any pressure. 

Are you open to doing web shows even if they are on the bolder side?

If the script demands, why not but there's a limit to 'bold' also. Koi bhi cheez timepass ke liye nahi dikhaya jayega na. If it comes, I’ll see. 

Are you planning to explore films? 

I’m ready to make the switch but they should be ready to accept me. Voh waqt door nahi hai, ho jayega; one needs to have patience. It is not that TV actresses are not considered. Look at the kind of work Mrunal Thakur is doing. Everyone gets an equal chance, but your talent has to speak.

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