PeepingMoon Exclusive: Move over ‘Kapoor & Sons’ because 'Kapoor & Daughter' has arrived; Sanjay B Jumaani reveals why Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt’s baby girl is the next potential superstar!


No. 6 ki Alia ne No. 6 ke date par deliver kiya- uppar waale ke kehne par ya neeche waale ke? 

Before this Student made her mark in the school of cinema, we put our money on her success! And here she is. Not only has she mastered the art & craft of acting, she has ardently followed the Science of Numerology, claiming No. 6 to be her lucky number 

A No. 6-Piscean (3), she's in her very lucky 30th (3) year (3-6-9 are a family of numbers) while she's delivering yet another blockbuster- through her womb; that too she chose consciously or subconsciously, her favourite, No. 6 date! A girl is born on a Venus-governed date. 

And a potential superstar in the making too. And as you know already, Venus is the planet of women! 

Moreover, the Scorpio period is underway; that makes the baby governed by 9, Mars too. Also, Ranbir is a Libran, and Libra Ruler is No. 6, Venus. So the baby could be a Fevicol between them and lucky for the Kapoors. The baby’s destiny Number is 5, Mercury, the fastest, known also as Buddh, means Buddhi.

A Scorpion so Water Sign, like her Mom (Pisces) she would make the family travel a lot too. 

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