PeepingMoon Exclusive: ‘It was a real validation of our hard work and belief and perseverance,’ says 'Human' director Mozez Singh


2022 is marked one of the most happening years for the OTT space. One such series which gained a lot of appreciation from the masses and critics is Human starring Shefali Shah, Kirti Kulhari, and Vishal Jethwa, directed by Mozez Singh and Vipul Shah. The show completes a year today. Human is a thriller that unlayered various dark aspects of Human drug trials and showcased the deceit of the medical world and how the victims of these trials suffer. It was also rated as the top 10 most popular series in India by IMDB.

Sharing his thoughts on the show completing a year, writer and director Mozez Singh says “Human received magnificent praise from not just viewers but critics too. It was a real validation of our hard work and belief and perseverance. Human has been a career-altering project for me and today that it’s a year old, I feel only gratitude for the series and for Mr. Vipul Shah for offering it to me.”

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He further added, “The series tapped into a collective consciousness as the entire universe was dealing with a health crisis, it dealt with a topic that hasn't really been exposed on film and it also spoke realistically about the LGBTQ experience. But most of all, at its core, it was a show about the most universal of themes-family. It resonated on many levels. As a writer, director, and showrunner along with Mr. Shah, Human personally has been a big win for me. When your work gets talked about for all the good reasons, what more could one ask for? That is Grace.”

Mozez Singh right now is working on an untitled musical thriller which will be released on a major OTT platform at the end of 2023

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