Exclusive: I don't think she is married, Paras Chhabra is talking sh*t about her for publicity - BB14's Pavitra Punia's ex-boyfriend Pratik Sehajpal


Bigg Boss 14 contestant Pavitra Punia has been making headlines for her past relationships ever since she entered the house. While her ex-boyfriend Paras Chhabra called her out for hiding her marriage from him, another ex of hers, Pratik Sehajpal, revealed about her 'aggressive and possessive nature'. 

Now, in an exclusive conversation with PeepingMoon, Pratik talked about his relationship with Pavitra, his current equation and whether or not is he entering the house as a wild card entry. He also commented on Pavitra's 'forced PDA' with co-contestant Eijaz Khan and said 'smart people will understand their game'. 

Excerpts from the interview:

Is it true you are entering the BB14 house with Sara Gurpal? 

I don’t know about Sara Gurpal but I’m not sure about anything right now and I’d not like to comment any further on that. 

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If you enter, what will be your equation like with Pavitra? 

My equation with Pavitra inside or outside the house would be similar. I’m like a mirror, whatever she gives me, she’s gonna get it back. I will analyze and understand her behaviour first. Similar will be outside also. 

How did you meet and start dating Pavitra?

We met at BCL, that is when we met. Then she started liking me, she told me that she likes me. I told her okay fine because we were on good terms and we used to have good conversations and we were also in touch, we used to hang out too. I liked her too and I thought we should go for it and give it a try. Why not?

Pavitra was recently seen saying that she gets bored with boys too fast. Did that happen with your relationship? 

Not that I remember. I don’t know about that. She’s a different personality and I’m a different personality. I don’t know about her getting bored with boys and all. We’ve never spoken about that when we were together. The reason why we broke up was completely different, what she said on the TV. 

What about Pavitra's possessive and aggressive nature?

There were issues, I am a very dominating personality. I’m very aggressive so I can’t take shit. So if people do something that I don’t like, I get aggressive. So if you give me aggression, I’m going to give it back. If you give me happiness, I will give you happiness.

You also spoke about her having an issue with you being offered an intimate scene with a female co-star. Was she insecure? Did she follow the same restrictions she was imposing on you?

While we were together, neither did I do something like that nor did she. I had rejected that offer even before I had a word with her and we did have an argument about that but not a major fight. The reason for major fights was different, they were very different. Very personal. It’s like a trigger point. If you trigger me, they can be a fight and the same with her. 

Pavitra's ex Paras Chhabra has been constantly slamming her. He said she hid about her marriage from him and called him 'Apavitra'. How true is that? 

I don’t think so that she is married, first of all. I know her and everyone she knows, I know them too. I have never heard about this marriage thing before. About Paras, see even Pavitra has spoken shit about him, he has also spoken shit about her so it’s like if you throw a stone on mud, you will only get dirty. It’s dirty publicity and I’ve nothing to do with it. It’s their way of playing the game and gather eyes, gathering attention. I’m not doing anything like that. Even if someone talks shit about me, I have a different way of handling it. 

Was Pavitra not loyal in your relationship as she was heard saying that she once had two boyfriends simultaneously? 

With me, she was very loving and caring. Honestly, that was the reason that I fell for her. She initiated the likeness and confessed the likeness. So it’s not like she wasn’t loyal or anything. 

Were you disappointed when she broke up with you? 

I was confused because I didn’t know why we were breaking up at that time. I didn’t know this was the reason for our breakup at that time. We were having a lot of fights and all but she broke up because of my career, this I got to know when she said that on the show. I was not disappointed but I was confused at to why we broke up. 

What do you think about Pavitra's PDA with Eijaz? Fan thought that was forceful. 

I would just like to say that everyone is playing their game, smart people will understand. 

You have known Pavitra well. Do you think she is being her real self inside the house?

The way she is playing the game is how she is (in real life). Having said that, when you are in front of the camera, every emotion of yours is over-exaggerated. So, that is how it is for her inside the house. 

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