Owning a sportwear brand of his own - HRX to slaying elegant attires, birthday icon Hrithik Roshan proves to be a true fashionable star


The king of irresistible charm Hrithik Roshan turns 49 today. Often termed as Bollywood’s Greek God, he has been consistently stealing millions of hearts and making his audience gaga over him with his powerhouse performances and dance skills. Hrithik’s fitness and fashion game are far from slowing down and have, in fact, graduated to the alpha male level. His dedication to staying fit and true to his unique fashion sense, not trying too hard, is inspiring and makes him the ultimate fashionable star.

From owning a fashion sportswear brand HRX by himself to slaying classy, comfy, experimental yet not-so-flashy fits, Hrithik has definitely managed to avoid any glimpse of the fashion police and in a flawless manner. Let’s check it out. 

Comfy Gym Wears Ft. HRX


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Leaving his fans drooling over him, he has become the epitome of reaching fitness goals and setting standards all across the world, and what better way than making the process fashionable as he goes?

Suit Up


Hrithik has class in and out of the gym. He looked absolute class in this neatly polished set. This is what dreams are made out of!

Casual but make it Classy


The icon has successfully made it out of the western front with unmatched charisma and never fails to impress us, may it be casual or professional!

Winter Layering 


The king of posing or what? Hrithik took breaths away in this flawless fit-for-the-snow!



Classic cap ‘n glasses! The fashion maverick looked as cool as a cucumber in this vest and reached unfathomable heights of hotness!

One of the Bollywood’s finest turns 49 today, and here’s to never forgetting the contributions Hrithik Roshan has made throughout the years

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