Women's Day Special: From Kangana Ranaut to Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, here are all the leading ladies of Bollywood that give us major sartorial inspiration everyday


It's Women's Day today! Needless to say, there's a lot of cheer all around the world, celebrating women and their existence. Not only do we celebrate and appreciate womanhood, but we also empower, encourage and motivate everyone to be a better version of themselves, while we support and stand tall together, hand-in-hand.

Our leading ladies from Bollywood too, have always preached the same. Time and again, they've taught us that beauty and strength lie within and that, it is all inclusive, be it any size, shape or colour.

So, on this special day, we bring to you the lady brigade of Bollywood that inspire us and our sartorial game every day:

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kangana ranaut

Fierce, bold and utterly gorgeous, that's how we'd describe Kangana and her style. The actress has time and again proven that she dresses to please herself only, giving no qualms about what the others think.

A critic's favourite, the Manikarnika actress has always stayed true to herself, encouraging others to do the same.

From classic sarees and formal playsuits to chic dresses and couture numbers, the actress has worn it all!

#MajorInspo right here!

sonam kapoor ahuja

A fashionista, a fine artist and an activist striving constantly for women empowerment, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja is more than just a face that we see on the silver screen.

The actress, whose life is dictated by all things fashion, has seldom used it as a medium to bring about social change. Loving oneself, staying true to one's character and preaching to do the same is something that Sonam has always believed in.

The actress and her style files will prove that her love for fashion always exceeds the audience's expectations of her wardrobe choices and that she sports something just because she wants to.

You go, Queen!

deepika padukone

Learn the art of classics and minimalism from Deepika! The actress has time and again showed us that less is more and her #OOTD's are proof enough.

She has always preached that giving into an on-going fad is never the need of the hour and that one shouldn't be overwhelmed by the social pressure to wear something that they wouldn't otherwise.

Fitting in is old news and Deepika knows it! Well, some golden advice right here!

alia bhatt

Millennial diva, chic fashionista and a spunky girl-next-door, Alia Bhatt is all that and so much more!

The actress is her unapologetic self and she owns it! From being clumsy and awkward to being blunt and witty, the actress has often exceeded everyone's expectations.

From the girliest dresses and the feminine robes to boxy suits and comfortable co-ords, the Gully Boy actress has seldom surprised us with her sartorial style.

*whistles* It's getting hot in here!

priyanka chopra jonas

Global domination at best, Priyanka teaches us acceptance like nobody else.

The actress has often spoken about her struggles and hardships, and how she grew out of it instead of berating oneself. Preaching about self-acceptance, the Quantico star has told her that it is the very secret of her success!

Her style too, reflects that about her. Wearing every ensemble like the second skin, Priyanka struts it like it's nobody's business.

Bow down to the Queen ladies and remember the golden words: love yourself!

kareena kapoor khan

Glamourous, sexy and bold, Kareena can make the universe work in her favour just by her confidence!

She's often confessed that she is indeed her favourite and we don't know anyone who loves Bebo more than herself!

From sporting couture to walking the ramp, from going to the gym to acting in films, Bebo has always done what pleases her and nobody else.

Her #OOTD's too, reflect the very same vibe. From sexy bodycons to chic midis and power-suits, we love her and her style!

Hello gorgeous!

sonakshi sinha

Her performance on the silver screen: Brilliant!

Her transformation in the past year: Commendable!

Her love for her herself: Knows no bounds!

That's Sonakshi for you! From her chubby days to the present, the actress has profused her love for herself on all occasions. She was a bomb then and she is a bomb today, and there's no one that can make her believe in otherwise!

Sona has come a long way from where she started and her journey is only a source of motivation for all.

'If you believe it, you can do it' is her mantra and we sure as hell believe in it too!

special mentions

We cannot possibly miss out on our Gen-X influencers, namely Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor when we talk about self-acceptance, self-love, belief in oneself and supporting fellow women.

Sara Ali Khan

Janhvi Kapoor

So, with this spirit, we wish you all a very Hppy Women's Day!

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