Deleted all those apps: Embracing every inch and curve of herself, Ileana D’Cruz pens a strong note on body positivity with an unedited picture


Actress Ileana D’Cruz has been winning the internet with her latest Instagram post promoting body positivity. Dressed in a ravishing red bikini, the actress ‘embraced every inch, every curve’ of herself without editing or retouching her picture. She also made a revelation about deleting all the body-slimming apps from her phone.

“So easy to get sucked into apps that get you to alter your body so effortlessly to make you look ‘slimmer’, ‘more toned’, etc etc etc... Proud of the fact that I’ve deleted all those apps and chosen this instead. This is me and I’m embracing every inch, every curve, all of me,” she wrote on her Instagram story with a hashtag #youarebeautiful.

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Ileana previously had opened up on battling body dysmorphia for 15 years. She also opened up on having suicidal thoughts at the 21st World Congress of Mental Health in 2017. However, now, the actress is all about championing body positivity and loving oneself.

Looking at her inspiring post, fans too poured out love for the actress and wrote some heartwarming messages. “Thank you for being so real,” wrote one, ‘more power to you,” commented another. Ileana took all these appreciating messages and thanked the fans on her IG story.

Choosing authenticity over perfection is a big deal and a bigger if it comes from a celebrity from the showbiz industry where stereotypical norms of beauty have been upheld for a long time. Kudos to you, Ileana!

(Source- Instagram)

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