Variety shines the spotlight on Jennifer Aniston, Brie Larson, Mariah Carey, and the others in their special 'Power Of Women' edition


Variety does it again! Raising their voice for a worthy cause is always something that the entertainment monger has believed in and they've always made sure to add their contribution to the same. 

This time, for their special issue, the magazine brought together six of Hollywood's leading ladies and mind you, this edition is GLORIOUS! 



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Jennifer Aniston stuns in a pristine white hat and a cutesy jumper as she poses for the cover still. 



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Chaka Khan keeps it classy for her shot. Stunning, innit? 



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Brie Larson is all smiles for the cameras!



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Looks like Awkwafina was caught in her element by the photographer,... drowning in glee! 



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Oh, we didn't realize how much we've missed Mariah Carey. Where have you been, you pretty thing? 



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Dana Walden strikes a pose for her cover still, gorgeous innit? 


In this issue, these divas addressed a lot of issues, while voicing their experiences and words of wisdom on topics like awareness of mental illnesses, abusive behaviour, feminism, their sheer love for what they do and the buzz around it all. What do you think? 


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