Woman of the decade, ladies and gentlemen! Cover star Taylor Swift talks about music, being an influencer and having no regrets in Billboard's year-end issue


Taylor Swift is reigning the music scenario as Billboard's 'Woman of the Decade'! From influencing our playlists and opinions to influencing our sartorial choices, she's done it all! 

Covering for the publication's year-end feature, the diva keeps it real in a crisp shirt and a red-hot pout and we LOVE this! 



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Styled by Joseph Cassells, Tay-tay stuns in a Maison Margiela shirt. she paired her look with Prada boots. 



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The stunner has always raised her voice for the right cause, which may or may not always work in her favor. Talking about voicing her opinions for artist right, she said, "New artists and producers and writers need work, and they need to be likable and get booked in sessions, and they can’t make noise — but if I can, then I’m going to... I know that it seems like I’m very loud about this, but it’s because someone has to be." You go, gurl! 

Check out some more snaps here: 



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