If you got it, flaunt it! Rytasha Rathore, Sakshi Sindhwani and others bare their bellies on Cosmopolitan India’s body positivity issue


Hands down, tummy or paunch, is the most concealed part of every woman’s body. Whether to hide under the layers of clothes or tuck it inside the shapewear, women are always very conscious about what to do with their flabby stomachs. But hey, who is to say that this is a bad or unacceptable thing?

As they say, perfection is a myth and for years, women have been trying to live it by altering their bodies. Called ‘curvy’ and ‘bulging’, anything other than a flat tummy is considered unfit, which is, however, untrue. And so Cosmopolitan India along with 12 women from different walks of life have come together to unveil ‘The Tummy Issue’

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Body-positive influencers such as Rytasha Rathore, Varshita Thatavarthi, Sakshi Sindwani and Nisha Mansharamani along with athlete-author Ayesha Billimoria, media professional Dolly Singh, Content creator Sanjana Rishi and others dared to bare their paunch on Cosmo India’s latest issue. Flaunting those perfectly natural extra layers of flab and stretch marks and a baby bump, they indeed made for more beautiful and real muses. Check out the images below.






Breaking the shackles of stereotypes, these women embraced their bodies and indeed taught us something today. And mind us, embracing their natural bodies for the way it is only made them look 10x beautiful. What are your thoughts on this issue?

(Source- Cosmopolitan India)

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