I don't view myself as a woman: Konkona Sensharma defies the concept of gender on Harper's Bazaar India's latest issue


Konkona Sensharma has always believed in defying stereotypes on and off the screen. Recently, the actress made a revelation of not being associated with any gender and being ‘completely neutral.’ Konkona, who has delivered some stellar performances on-screen revealed that bringing out a feminine part in a role is something that doesn’t come very naturally to her.

In a conversation with Harper’s Bazaar India, the actress said that she has always thought of herself to be a bit androgynous. “I don’t view myself as a woman. I see myself as being completely neutral. Gender is a taught concept that I don’t relate to. Even when I have to be very feminine in a film, I have to learn how to. There’s no one way of being a woman or a man or anything in between... I’ve always felt a bit androgynous," she said.

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Konkona credits her parents’ liberal and unconventional upbringing for not fitting into a mould. “Ever since I was young, I was quite comfortable with not fitting in. And that’s mainly because of my parents, who ensured I had a very unconventional, liberal upbringing. In fact, I am slightly suspicious when everything is uniform; it becomes almost claustrophobic,” she said.

The actress has also taught her 11-year-old son Haroon Shorey, whom she shares with her ex-husband Ranvir Shorey to be a freethinker. “I always tell my son that he’s a freethinker and that no one can tell him what to think. Yes, there are certain rules he has to follow; being in a society, there is some level of tolerance he needs to learn. But in his mind, he’s free to think,” she concluded.

(Source- Harper’s Bazaar India)

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