Always believed you have to be a certain height, skin colour to be a star: Designer-actress Masaba Gupta on her preconceived notions about showbiz


Just like her eccentric creation, fashion designer Masaba Gupta’s tryst with acting was also appreciated by the masses. Her slice of life, semi-autobiographical web series, Masaba Masaba was well received with upcoming seasons planned for the Netflix series.  

In an interview with a leading daily, Masaba revealed her wish to play a non-fictional character in the next project that she takes. “I don’t want to play myself on screen anymore except for Masaba Masaba. I want to make sure that whatever role I choose to do, I can show the many layers and dimension that I can potentially have. What I really want to do next is an out and out intense drama and I really want to do action. That is my pick. I am going to pick stuff that will make me uncomfortable. I want to do something that shakes me up and shakes people up,” said the designer. Though Masaba is looking forward to new projects, she isn’t taking a back seat as a designer. “I have to give my label the respect it deserves because I am here because of it. And for as long as I can, I will continue to juggle, I enjoy multitasking and working hard. I really want to make sure neither acting nor fashion suffers,” Masaba said.


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Masaba has time and again stated that she always wanted to take up acting as a profession but was advised otherwise by her actor-mother Neena Gupta and thus took up fashion designing. To top that, she had her own set of inhibitions and preconceived notions about showbiz. “I have always believed that you have to be a certain height, certain skin colour, certain look to be a star. Whenever you saw them they were well turned out, they made no mistake, and they were just God. I think it is the democratization of stars that we see today. We can look at them and be like, ‘hey that person looks like my cousin or reminds me of my mum’ but they are really big stars,” said the designer.



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(Source- Hindustan Times)

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