After Valentino and Balenciaga, Reliance to bring Tory Burch in Mumbai


When it comes to designing iconic fashion, Tory Burch knows a thing or two. The American fashion brand is a top choice for those looking for a classic and timeless fashion, and its accessories have earned a cult following from loyal fans. Founded in 2004 by American designer – Tory Burch, the label has built itself as a global brand and is now eyeing Indian stores.

A year after opening its exclusive boutique at DLF Emporio, New Delhi in partnership with Reliance Brand Limited, the affordable luxury brand will also open its store in Mumbai soon. Last year in partnership with Reliance, Tory Burch sold a wide range of its collection in Delhi’s store including bags, shoes, ready-to-wear, and accessories. 


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Just like many other international designers, India has been a constant source of inspiration for Tory Burch’s work — She shared, “I have visited India many times over the years and have always felt a deep affinity toward the culture and people.” 

She began her fashion label – ‘Tory by TRB’, later known as ‘Tory Burch’ by launching its retail stores in Manhattan’s Nolita district in February 2004, and surprisingly most of the inventory sold out on the first day. Over the past decades, the designer’s classic but bohemian aesthetic resonated with fashion enthusiasts from the very beginning. The company has grown its global brand famous for its bags, shoes, and accessories. 


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Soon, people in Mumbai also will have their hands on this amazing brand which will be launched in the multi-branded White Crow concept store located in the Reliance Industries-owned Jio world drive mall in Mumbai.

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