Icons only! Rekha ate and left no crumbs; veteran actress makes jaws drop in Manish Malhotra's archival ensemble


Rekha is the epitome of grace and there's no denial. While she's been away from films for quite some time, the impact she has left behind is enough to inspire several generations to come. Recently, the veteran actress collaborated with a magazine for its cover.

Rekha was styled by Manish Malhotra. Wearing the designer's archival ensemble, she made many jaws drop. From wearing a peacock-themed crown and outfit to spreading her magic in an exquisite Mughal-inspired jacket and headgear, Rekha showed what fashion really means. 


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Talking about styling Rekha, Manish said in a statement, "Rekha Ji and I have always shared a great passion for Indian Fashion; Having worked with her for so many years now, each time has been an experience in itself. Rekha Ji always teases me about how she’s met another person who has a great eye for detail, much like herself. Her passion is inspiring, and it’s been such a memorable experience styling and designing for her for the photoshoot. What has given me most joy is watching her excitement, which was at par with me. Long hours of conversation, spending time with her for costume fittings, a series of discussions and meetings. The pure love she has for fabrics, embroideries and colour, a passion that we both share deeply, it’s been extraordinarily inspiring. We have a mutual admiration for each other, which is one of the reasons we make such a good team. It was an absolute pleasure that Vogue Arabia and all of us could collaborate on this project together!”

Take a look at her photoshoot:


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Icons only!

(Source: Vogue Arabia Instagram/ Manish Malhotra Instagram)

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