'Soul' trailer: Disney's and Pixar's upcoming animated film will answer some of life’s important questions


Prepare yourself to embrace a whole new meaning to life this June as Disney and Pixar drop the trailer for their much-awaited film Soul. From the streets of New York City to being transported into a cosmic realm called The Great Before, Soul will answer some of life’s important questions.

From the studio that gave us Inside Out, the latest trailer of the animated film will take the viewers on the journey of Joe Gardner, a middle-school band teacher (voiced by Jamie Foxx) and how he is about to find his true calling. Having lost his passion for music, Joe seeks the help of a soul named 22 to find his way back and, in the process, learn a lot about himself on a journey of discovery, introspection and self-realization.

Watch the trailer here:

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Directed by the two-time Oscar winner Pete Docter and featuring a stellar cast that includes Tina Fey, Phylicia Rashad, Angela Bassett, Questlove and Daveed Diggs, Soul is all set to hit theatres this June 2020. 

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