All for a cause! Spiderman a.ka. Tom Holland to host an online Marvel quiz to raise funds for COVID-relief efforts


Tom Holland is the most recent name to join the bandwagon of celebrities supporting the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. But the debonair dude is made a unique revelation of the same on his Instagram and we're definitely interested in what the store holds for us. 

The Spiderman-star is all set to host an online Marvel-themed quiz on Wednesday via his official Instagram and hey, aren't you excited? 


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The virtual quiz, organized by Brothers Trust, will help various charities supported by Holland's family. Speaking about the same, the actor said, "The reason why we’re doing the pub quiz is just to galvanize people and to give people a sense of community and to kind of bring people together and just have a laugh and have a good time. That’s essentially what we’re trying to do." 

Well, we are excited; what are your thoughts? 




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