Did Johnny Depp ask for drugs and ‘whitey stuff’ from his assistant days before he assaulted ex-wife Amber Heard?


Johnny Depp’s war with the courts appears to be far from over. Fresh new records of text messages between the actor and his assistant Nathan Holmes have been introduced at a recent hearing, ahead of Depp’s lawsuit against a British tabloid. The tabloid had published a story claiming that he had physically abused his ex-wife Amber Heard. In the exchanges released during a hearing, it was shown that Depp had demanded his assistant to provide him drugs in Australia before assaulting his wife. 

As reported by an international daily, Depp’s lawyer said that the actor’s drug use had nothing to do with the subject of the trial which is whether or not he attacked his ex-wife. However, the news organization’s lawyer maintained that before holding Heard ‘hostage’ for three days in Australia during which he assaulted her, he had gone on a drug spree. 

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In the text messages to his assistant, Depp wrote, “We should have more happy pills - can you?” He further texted him and wrote, “Where’s the other one?”, to which Holmes replied, “There was 2g in that jar.” Holmes told Depp that “the guy only carries two a day” because “if he’s caught with more than two here it’s 20 years in prison,” and that he was “getting more in the morning.”

The text messages shared in court revealed that after the three-day episode, Depp texted Holmes once again asking, “May I be ecstatic again? Need more whitey stuff ASAP.” He once again texted Holmes and snapped, “F**king give me the goddamn numbers, I will take care of this s**t, don’t bother.” Holmes replied with, “If they don’t have it, I can’t get it. It’s someone that works on the film, not a professional dealer. I will bring it to you.”

(Source: Mirror Online/Hindustan Times) 


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