Denzel Washington joins Ridley Scott’s Gladiator 2 cast; Ed The Sum of It All trailer out; Willem Dafoe wants to return as Green Goblin in Spider-Man; Kenan Thompson & Kel Mitchell reunite for Good Burger 2


Lots of exciting news is coming from the Hollywood stable. Denzel Washington has joined Ridley Scott’s Gladiator sequel. Jordan Peele’s fourth movie is in the works and is set for Christmas 2024 release; the four part documentary on Ed Sheeran’s life titled Ed Sheeran: The Sum Of It All has dropped its trailer; Willem Dafoe wants to return as Green Goblin in future Spider-Man films; Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell confirm to return to the sequel, Good Burger 2.

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Denzel Washington joins Ridley Scott’s Gladiator 2

Now that the long-awaited Gladiator sequel is finally moving towards production, director Ridley Scott is assembling his starry cast. With Paul Mescal and Barry Keoghan already on board, now, Denzel Washington has also joined. Scott and Washington will be reuniting after working on 2007’s American Gangster. It is not clear what role Washington will be playing in Gladiator 2. The film will be set after the events of the first film and finds Mescal playing a grown version of the character Lucius, played originally by Spencer Treat Clark, while Keoghan is slated to play the prime antagonist, Roman Emperor Geta (a fictional take on real-life ruler). The sequel is scheduled to release in cinemas on November 22, 2024.

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Jordan Peele’s fourth film to release on Christmas 2024

Jordan Peele’s next film is coming to the big screen in time for Christmas 2024. The untitled film is set to open in theatres on Wednesday, December 25, 2024, announced Universal Pictures. There are no details out about the film, in what is called a characteristic of Peele’s movies. He remained tight-lipped in the lead-up to his first three films, which ranged from horror to neo-Western science fiction.

Trailer of Ed Sheeran’s documentary ‘Ed Sheeran: The Sum Of It All’ dropped by Disney+

The trailer of Ed Sheeran’s documentary, Ed Sheeran: The Sum Of It All has been dropped by Disney+. The four-part docuseries focuses on the life and career of the singer. The title is a reference to how Sheeran’s albums are named after basic math symbols, including his upcoming record, Subtract. The series dives deep into the life of Sheeran and showcases his professional highs and lows as well as his personal life. The series shows the singer dealing with the loss of his best friend and his wife being diagnosed with a tumor while being pregnant with their second child. The docuseries will stream on May 3, 2023 on Disney Plus.

Willem Dafoe wants to return as Green Goblin in future Spider-Man films

William Dafoe has said that he is open to returning as Spider-Man villain Green Goblin aka Norman Osborne in future Spiderverse films. The 67-year-old actor played the character in Sam Raimi’s 2000s Spider-Man trilogy led by Tobey Maguire. In an interview with a magazine, Dafoe said, “If everything was right... I mean, that's a great role. I liked the fact that it's a double role both times. Twenty years ago, and fairly recently, both times (were) very different experiences, but I had a good time on both.”

He returned to the role in the most-recently released Spider-Man film, Spider-Man: Now Way Home which had him returning on-screen with Maguire’s version of the character.

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell are returning to ‘Good Burger 2’ sequel

A sequel to the 1997 comedy is officially underway with stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell all set to return. The stars announced the sequel on The Tonight Show and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the Good Burger, home of the Good Burger — part two!” Thompson told Fallon, “It's such a blessing, man. It's unbelievable. We want as many cameos as we can possibly get, like anybody that wants to do it that I guess is somewhat famous. Of course I would do something. I would do anything with you dudes.” Good Burger 2 will be available on Paramount+ later this year.

(Source: PTI/The Tonight Show/ YouTube/Deadline)

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