#HappyBirthdayHrithikRoshan: Superhero minus the cape


On the actor's 43rd birthday, PeepingMoon brings you an unknown side of Hrithik Roshan, which reflects the actor's philosophical side.

“Our challenges come perfectly designed to suit our vulnerabilities. You may sail through what others may find difficult. But remember it's vice versa as well. Be empathetic.” These words from Hrithik Roshan come straight from the heart and ring completely true.
The actor has battled a series of challenges and has managed to stay on top of his fears and flaws.

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He could sail by on the strength of his Greek god looks, but instead he prefers to portray difficult characters. From a blind man to a quadriplegic and a mentally disabled character, he seems drawn to flawed characters who find redemption. “When I choose my scripts, I look at them as a platform to inspire people through the strength and courage of the characters I play…I choose films which can bring a smile on people’s faces.”

He knows a thing or ten about what it means to smile in the face of adversity. To all purposes, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, his growing years were anything but idyllic for the young Hrithik. Battling a severe stuttering problem, he was traumatised by its effects. He has admitted that when oral tests would be lined up at school, he would bunk… “I used to fall sick, I used to break my hand, I used to get a sprain.” Eventually, he overcame it… “I struggled alone for a long time but powered on fighting my problem.” That would include practising for 36 hours to be able to tell his cook what to make for dinner. Sans regrets, all he wishes for is less stigma around such issues. “We all are sufferers in some form and we all are heroes in some form. Don’t feel weak about your shortcomings. Use them to grow,” he advises.

“No amount of failure could take my spirit away. I welcome the struggle and fear,” he has claimed – and he has done just that, whether it was battling Scoliosis-Curved Spinal Cord with which he was diagnosed at 21, which could have left his confined to a wheelchair for life, a brittle knee, or then the life-threatening clot in the brain, which required crucial surgery. From working on his skinny frame, to working on his emotional issues, he has powered on. Eventually it boils down to this: “Life hits you hard. But it takes you three seconds to decide if you are a superhero or not. I am.”

Happy Birthday, our very own SuperHero....

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