Naagin 3 June 23, 2018: Vish attacks Bela


The latest episode of Naagin 3 begins with Sumitra telling Vish that she has got Bela back. She even tells Vish that Bela jumped into the river to save her father. She then tells Bela that Mahir never wanted to break her trust and that he just wanted to protect her.
Bela and Mahir's wedding takes place and Vish threatens to destroy Sumitra and her entire family. Sumitra gets shocked to see Vish's sudden change in tone. Sumitra welcomes Bela and Mahir along with Suhani and Pratham in their house. Bela notices Vish changing her eyes and gets to know that Vish is a Naagin. Vish congratulates Bela and Mahir for their wedding. Andy announces a grand party for his son's wedding and Bela enters Mahir's room.
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Suhani tells Bela to talk to Mahir and resolve their issues. Bela lashes out at Mahir and blames him for breaking her trust. Mahir tries to calm her down, but in vain.
Vish enters Bela's room in the form of a snake and before she can do anything to Bela, Sumitra takes her away for the party.
Vish gets furious to see Bela and Mahir dancing together. Bela notices Vish's skin and eyes change. Rehaan gets a call from the hospital where the doctors inform him that Karan is still in the hospital and they need to pay the hospital fees. Rehaan gets shocked and asks the doctor to send him the CCTV footage of Karan's room. Rehaan gets shocked to see Vish in the footage and realises that she is a Naagin.
Vish walks away and Bela follows her. Rehaan follows Bela and tries to tell her about Vish's reality. Rehaan reaches the haveli and finds Bela with Vish. He immediately calls Mahir but he does not pick up the call. Rehaan then calls Andy and asks him to get everyone at the haveli. But Vish stabs Bela and attacks Rehaan.
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