Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer join forces to give a new spin to superheroes in Thunder Force trailer


Move aside all the comic superheroes because Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are here to kick ass in the new trailer of Thunder Force. They play two estranged best friends with newly-acquired superpowers in the Ben Falcone-directed film.

The trailer sees Lydia (McCarthy) reunite with her childhood best friend, Emily Stanton (Spencer), a successful scientist who has created technology to grant ordinary human being superpowers. McCarthy accidentally takes the only formula of super strength whereas Spencer has the power of invisibility. When a new villain known as ‘The King’ (Bobby Cannavale) arrives in town, the team Thunder Force must step up to protect their city. A large crab-clawed Jason Bateman also appears in the clip probably ending up joining forces with the women.

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The film also stars Pom Klementieff, Melissa Leo, Tyrel Jackson Williams, Sarah Baker and Melissa Ponzio. The film promises to poke fun at comic book superheroes while delivering some hearty laughs.

Thunder Force will release on Netflix on April 9, 2021.

(Source: YouTube)

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